Perspective and Approach

Our focus is to help families become financially independent through proper asset allocation and asset management. Our primary emphasis is retirement planning.

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in our relationship with you, our client. We endeavor to help make sure that our clients always have enough income to maintain their dignity and independence in retirement.

Our goal is to achieve this through an educated focus on four of life's Financial Stages; Accumulation, Preservation, Distribution and Transference. Our Goal is to help families through whichever stage they are currently in while planning for each future stage.

1. Accumulation: This is the stage in life when you are working on building wealth and your focus is on accumulating assets.

2. Preservation: This is the stage when you need to start preserving assets that you have accumulated. This can be done by reducing risk and other protective measures.

3. Distribution: This stage is when you are drawing on the assets that you have accumulated, which serves as your source of retirement income.

4. Transference: This stage is when you have died and your assets are transferred to your heirs. This stage is crucial, as the action you take ahead of time can provide your loved ones with a sizable inheritance or sizable taxes, and with correct planning, a smooth transition with little stress for your loved ones.

This educational process is ongoing. It begins with the first meeting and continues throughout the life of the adviser-client relationships. It's an integral aspect that enables us to embrace our clients as friends rather than simply customers.